Linux tutorial for Beginners

linux tutorial for beginners: learn online in 5 days

Practice Summary :

Linux is the most successful server OS. Linux is a clone of UNIX. Understanding one is as good as knowing the other. In this tutorial list, we will be practicing Linux as it’s freely available. The exercise will require you to execute particular commands. Make sure to follow them!

linux tutorial

What should I know ?

This tutorial is to perfect beginner’s guide to Linux. You don’t have to purchase a new PC to learn Linux. You can work Linux, right inside your actual Windows (With the Help Of Virtual Box ) or Mac OS systems!


Linux Fundamentals

  Intro to the Linux Operating System

  Linux Installation & Linux Distributions

  Linux comparing to Windows

Terminal V/s File Manager


  Learning Started 

Need to Know Linux Commands

File Permissions in Linux

  Advanced usage!

Redirection in Linux

Linux Pipes, Grep & Sort Command

Linux Regular Expressions


 Know the Linux Operating System

how to learn unixLinux Environment Variables list

Linux Network Communication SSH, Ping, FTP

Linux Process Management: ps, kill, top, df

Linux Tutorial VIM Text Editor with Commands


 Let’s Start Code! 


linux tutorialIntro to Linux Shell Scripting

linux tutorialLinux Virtual Terminal

Linux User Administration Tutorial: adduser, usermod, userdel

What’s the Difference between Linux and Unix?



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