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How do I reboot my Linux based system? How can I reboot the remote Linux system or server using the command line?

Linux comes with various utilities which allows system administrators to reboot, stop, or power off the system. The reboot command must be a member of the root or wheel group to run the command. This page shows how to reboot a Linux based system using the command line


When a system is rebooted, any bad software is cleaned with active memory. When the system restarts, it loads a fresh, clean copy of the software into active memory. In addition, some operating systems require restarting to update or change the configuration changes

Steps to restart the Linux using command prompt Restarting a Local Linux Operating System
Open a terminal window

If your version of Linux uses the graphical interface, you can usually open the terminal window by right-clicking the terminal> right-clicking on the desktop.

Alternatively, you can click the main menu (usually found in the lower-left or upper-left corner) and then click on Applications> System Tools / Terminal. (Your process may be different. If you have this, you can also use the search function.)

Use shutdown command

Since power shutdown is one of the most basic functions of an operating system, this command should work for most of Linux distributions.

In the terminal, type:

sudo shutdown –r


sudo command asks Linux to run commands as an administrator, so you may have to type your password. The -r switch switch at the end indicates that you want to restart the machine.


Note: If you leave the -r switch, then your system will close. You will need to manually backup


Other Commands to Shut-Down

You can use the shutdown command with different switches to control its behavior.

To turn off completely now:

sudo shutdown –h now

Ask your computer to reboot in 20 minutes:

sudo shutdown -r +20

Note: Use 24-hour format to enter the time you want.

You can also ask to reboot your system at a fixed time:

sudo shutdown –r 09:47


Restart Linux without admin

In the terminal, type:


Administrator privileges are not required to reboot many Linux versions. If you get a message that you do not have sufficient privileges, then type:

sudo reboot

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