What is Python?

  • Python is a favoured programming language. Guido van Rossum created it and released in 1991
  • Python is ideally designed for fast prototyping of complex applications.
  • Python is one of the simple, adaptable programming languages.
  • Python is very popular among Data Scientists and people designing Artificial Intelligence.
  • Python is a multipurpose language used for all sorts of things. In general, the vast majority of things you can do in programming can with Python. Scripting appears to be one of the most popular things you can do with it.

Python’s original goal is to be fun for programmers, clear enough to get you started, readability and get you prototyping your ideas.

Compared to languages like C, C++, C# and Java, it’s simple to get up and to run,

Here is the Example of Why Python is Easy :

We shall try Writing Beginner Universal Program that is “Hello World



python hello world

 C program 

c hello-world


java hello world





Python is like easy English with some predefined super easy guidance.

You will clear the simplicity in structure and easily defined syntax of Python programming by looking “Hello, World!” simple code,

print (“Hello World.”)

Here gives the confidence to Learn quickly, including for beginners.

If your thinking to get started and Learn this Super Easy Language

The first Question comes in mind,

  • My Operating system supports or not
  • What are the steps to install
  • If I made some mistake in the code will it crash my Operating system

Python supports all primary Operating system

such as

Windows – all Versions

Apple Macintosh – all versions

Linux – All versions

Unix – All versions

you can use Python in Andriod Smart Phone or Apple iPhone

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