What is Directory Submission in SEO?


Directory Submission is a website which collects your website/blog’s information like any telephone directory. It boosts your ranking, domain authority, and supports to produce more traffic so improving search engine rankings. However, it is one of the most helpful off-page SEO techniques.

Directory submission is a method of submitting a website URL in a related category of a web directory. It is section of search engine optimization.

Directory Submission is the method of placing your site on several directories under a specified section. It is one of the common robust Dofollow backlinks for any website or blog popularity from consistent high PR  free directory submission sites.

But here is the puzzle. You have to be careful in choosing directories and avoid providing links to directory submission list with spam.high-pr-directory-submission-sites-list

Examples of Directories

Now there are three classes of directories, and you have to choose from them as per your specification.

Free Directory Submission Sites

A Free version of directory sites but there is no confidence that it will be accepted or reviewed. So creating backlinks take particular time and skill to get the job done.

Paid Directory Submission Sites

In Paid Directory You spend some amount of cash, and they will present you a backlink in 24 hours. Fine and clean.

Reciprocal Directory Submission Sites

In this case, you need to add a link on your website/blog before it gets accepted by the Directory’s official. Once they approved it, they will progress for the submission.



Advantages of Directory Submission


  • Your website/blog will get a valuable online publication, and it will benefit in your SEO rankings. Most specialists accept that using the paid variant gives more reliable and fast results.
  • Backlinks. The backlinks you will receive from the web directory will boost your value and also support you get the right links.
  • Approved and Quick Indexing. After you post an article, it will be quickly index in search engines.
  • Using the top keywords in the article will support in locating your article quickly and enhance your traffic.





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