article submission sites

Article Submission Sites

Article Submission Sites

Content is the heart of SEO marketing today for article sites. Without influential Content, it is hard enough to attract people’s attention to article websites, no matter what the product is. The same idea applies to your online business and also your blog. When you begin your blog, there are multiple difficulties that you face, and page visit is one of them. The only way to get more audience is by enhancing the blog quality and maybe even by promoting your blog, but both these things require one major important thing, and that is Content.

Article Submission Sites?

Things that an article submitting sites are outstanding.

Keywords: One of the great things there is in content is keywords. With decent and trending keywords, you can improve your website’s scope. Make sure your article contains marketing keywords. Will help you to increase your page reach.

Subject or NICHE : Be brief and innovative when you are writing. People love artistic information and create your article is full of info in a creative way.


What is Article Submission Sites?

Article Submission is one of the various powerful off-page SEO methods, and By the help of article submission, you can receive the amount of traffic on your website. To draw a significant number of visitors to your site without running Google AdWords or paid ads, this is the primary goal of submit article.

Among all the SEO procedures, article submission can be one of the regular successful. Article submission regularly leads to the writing of articles that are related to your online business or blog and then making them attached to the famous article submission directories.

Before submitting articles, You should Understand about Article Submission.

Article submission in SEO gives two kinds of link do-follow or no-follow any good article writing sites provides do-follow some gives you no-follow. Article directory suits now very obvious; this is the best & actual means of SEO. Article directory submission looks like legitimate submission.

Five key points to count while writing articles

During the process of an article, submission does not skip to count below five key points. Following these points will meet the goal of both i.e., your point audience and search engines.

  • Articles should be unique and information satisfying.
  • Articles must be keyword rich but not redundant to the intent of keyword stuffing.
  • The standard length of articles should be within 500 and 700.
  • Provide a unique title to your article with the main keyword into it to make it clear for web crawlers to recognize and analyze the topic of your article.
  • Addressing subheadings, bullets, and numberings to articles make it potential customers.


What is the importance of best article websites?

Here is your solution: It helps to increase our google pr and Alexa rank. Alexa rank is pretty familiar nowadays all blogger appreciates about Alexa. If your Alexa rank will high, then your pr will automatically update. Alexa renders you maximum backlinks.


How to Submit Articles to

Step 1

Visit Google’s Webmaster Tools page (see Resources). Click “Participate” under the Website Owner category to progress.

Step 2

Click the “Submit your URL” link on the following page. Log on to your existing Google-based account if required, such as GMail, Google Apps or additional service provided by the company.

Step 3

Enter the article URL into the URL field displayed.

Step 4

Enter the CAPTCHA code into its corresponding field, which contains two alphanumeric entries.

Click “Submit Request” to submit your article to Google.


  • The only information you have to submit is the web address. The other information helps verify the data from the site and could decrease the time it takes for Googlebot to rank your website. I suggest entering as much as possible; if it weren’t helpful, they wouldn’t ask for it.


Indexing may demand several days. Additionally, Google does not guarantee your submission will be validated and added to the search engine.