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How To Know Passwords stored by your Browser

January 18th, 2010

As we all know to automatically sign-in to the web sites we can permit the browser to stores  Usernames and Passwords.

After Some time we may have a need to know the Usernames,Passwords or both.Here is the tools to  recover the Username,Password information from the Web Browser.


PasswordFox is a small password recovery tool that allows you to view the user names and passwords stored by Mozilla Firefox Web browser. By default, PasswordFox displays the passwords stored in your current profile, but you can easily select to watch the passwords of any other Firefox profile.

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Tip to view full list of items in Windows 7 and vista control panal

January 11th, 2010

In Windows 7 control panel empowred as most useful tool in OS,from where we can do most configurations,personalization,customizations, tweaks, settings of the underlying operating system can be viewed set, changed, or defined.

In Windows 7,we have easily search option for control panel folder to get relavent tasks and actions.Insted of searching control panal folder we can have a complete listing of all actions and tasks with this simple hack. Read more…


Tip to create a Folder without name

December 26th, 2009

Do you ever tried to make a folder with out name,that means folder with no name.You cannot make this directly,such as create new folder press F2 to rename and leave blank as folder name.System won’t leave you allow blank folder name it returns to original(new folder). Read more…


How to capture an Image from a playing video in Media player

December 4th, 2009

It is very simple to capture an Image from a playing video.

Just press” CTLR+I ” when the required Image comes While playing a video in Windows Media Player.The Image automatically copies to the Clipboard and you can paste it to your Image editing tool (such as MS Paint) to enhance the Image. Read more…



November 19th, 2009

Connect Two computers with out any additional hardware(router,switch,.etc).It just needs a CAT5 Cross-Over cable.CAT5 Cross-over cable explained below.

CAT5 Cross-over cable:
Its nothing but RJ45 connector cable normally used to built LAN connections.In cross cable the internal connections are crossed i.e in one end of the cable RJ-45 crimped with the pattren given in the below table under Connctor1,and other end RL-45 crimped with the pattren given under Connector2 coloumn.

TO make CAT5 cross over cable you need
1.CAT5 Cable of required cable,
2.RJ-45 Clips 2 nos,
3.Crimping tool(to crimp RJ-45 Clips on both ends of the CAT5 cable)
with this you can make your cross over cable at your place.

you can also purchase Cross-over cable at your nearest store .

More simplest way is purchase one RJ-45 Cross-over adopter(shown in the figure) and use this adopter at one end to your existing lan cable(CAT5 Stright cable) which makes Cross-over connection.

Connecting TWO PCs :

 If both the PCs have LAN Card / Eathernet Card then simply connect your Cross-over cable directly with both the ends.

If LAN Card / Eathernet Card not available use “USB to RJ-45 Convertors” to connect CAT5 Cross-over cable.

Before physically connecting two PCs ensure both the PCs are in the same Workgroup. To keep both PCs under same Workgroup, in

–WINDOWS XP : Right click on  “My computer” -> click on “properties” ->click on ” computer name” tab ->click “change” button ->type unique name in “workgroup” box.

–WINDOWS Vista : Open “Control panel” -> type “workgroup” in search box(right top) -> select “change workgroup name” ->click “change” button ->type unique name in “workgroup” box

–>WINDOWS 7 : type “workgroup” in search box at start menu -> select “change workgroup name” ->click “change” button ->type unique name in “workgroup” box

WINDOWS automatically finds new network (or new PC) and now you can view each other computer at Controlpanel -> Networks by computer name and also can access all the shared stuff including shared files,shared folders,shared printers,shared scanners,..etc.

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Do you know these windows keyboard shortcuts

September 10th, 2009

Here I would like to list six most useful Windows Keyboard short cuts,Don’t consider this as normal post,Try to remember (or memorize) these six Windows short cuts before leaving this page.After sometime You will find ,your productivity has been increased a lot using these short cuts.

  • Windows key + M : To minimize all opened windows at single stroke.
  • Windows key + shift + M :To maximize all windows at once.
  • Windows key + E : To open my computer.
  • Alt + Tab : To choose applications (or windows).
  • Alt + F4 : To Closes active window.
  • Ctrl + Z : undo.
To know the complete list of Windows keyboard short cuts click here.
If i forgot any most important keyboard short cuts which help a lot ,please feel free to share via commenting form. 

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Add more short cuts to start menu

August 8th, 2009

To access frequently used programmes ,we always need not go to the “start -> all programmes” instend we have the frequently used program list at the right side of the normal start menu as shown in the figure.

we can increase this list size upto 30 items.

here is the steps to done it.

  • open the properties of the start menu by just right clicking the taskbar.
  • chose option start menu and click customize
  • select icon size as small and chose the number of programs as much as you needed.

This is possible only for normal start menu not for the classic start menu.Before using this feature first choose the normal start menu.The start menu programs list will be automatically generated depending on the usage of the programs by the user.

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