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BSNL Broadband System Requirments and Physical Installation Procedure

December 17th, 2011

BSNL Broadband is an Internet access service from state-owned Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) available in India since 14 January 2005. Until 30 September 2007 it was known as Data One.

System Requirments and connectivity for BSNL Broadband:

  1. The basic PC (personal computer) Configuration for BSNL Broadband: Processor 200 MHz(or Better), OS-win 98 SE(or Higher), RAM-32 MB, Free Disk Space-150 MB, SVGA Monitor, CD-ROM Drive
  2. Web browser type : Microsoft Internet Explorer®5.0 or Netscape Navigator®4.7  or above and Google Chrome,Fire fox.
  3. Web browser settings required for BSNL Broadband  : Enable JavaScript
  4. Ethernet port : NIC adapter Enable TCP/IP.

Physical Installation Procedure of BSNL Broadband connection:

Equipment inside your CPE (Customer Premiss Equipment) box

  1. Splitter
  2. Power Adaptor
  3. CPE-ADSL modem
  4. One Ethernet cable (RJ-45 connector) and Two normal phone cord(RJ-11 connector)


(1)    Phone Socket  (2) Phone  (3) Phone  (4) RJ-11 Tel Cable  (5) Splitter  (6) RJ-11 Tel Cable  (7) RJ-11 Tel Cable  (8) Phone Jack  (9) MT800


  1. Connect Phone line to ADSL Splitter in the line side
  2. Connect your phone to splitter at phone-interface with the phone cord supplied along with CPE box.
  3. Connect CPE-ADSL modem to splitter at Data/modem interface with RJ-11 cord supplied.
  4. Connect PC with CPE-ADSL modem with Ethernet cable
  5. Power-up modem through Power adaptor connectivity to power point.


Did you find Four circles

October 20th, 2011

This image will really dazzle your mind,just check it and find the four circles. Read more…


Ice Cream Sandwich (Adroid 4.0) video

October 20th, 2011

Today total web is filled with full of ICE CREAM SANDWICH (Android 4.0).

watch a video on Android 4.0 .. Read more…

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Simple way to get your emails on your phone via SMS.

September 9th, 2011

When you are out of your work place or a place where no internet is readily available,it’s really hard to get email updates.

Weekwill is providing the simplest way to get your email updates on your mobile without any data connection such as GPRS, EDGE & HSPDA.

1.Just register your mobile number at weekwill.

2.And put forward your emails to the email address given by weekwill.

weekwill will send all your emails to your mobile via sms. Weekwill service is free.

friends, please comment if you know any such methods.


How does Google Chrome Works ?

March 5th, 2010

Watch this video on” how does a browser works … ” to know more about privacy .

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Making comic is never been this much Easy.

February 27th, 2010

This made Making a comic series is as easy typing online email.

Go to the link below to make a comic series of your own or share your thoughts, fun via comic figures with brilliant and simple online tool.

Read more…

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Speed up your browsing experience with Google Public DNS

January 12th, 2010

Speed does matters when you think about an Internet Connection.Choosing right DNS (Domain Name Server) improves your Connection speed certainly.In brief DNS is, for converting your Domain names ( Urls ) into machine (such as networking equipment switches,Router..etc) readable ones (IP format) and vice-versa.

As Google says,Google Public DNS is to make the web fast.Try out this product and check weather your Internet Speed Gone Up or Not. Read more…


How to record or print Browsing history

November 25th, 2009

My friend got a situation where he need to trace what his employee is doing during the day on web.He knows how to check browsing history but could not take print out,he needs a easy way to record and possibly print entries.We Googled for a easiest method to do this task.Here I like to share all possible ways we found to take a print out of Browsing history. Read more…


Google celebrating 140th Birthday of Mahatma Gandhi

October 2nd, 2009

140th Birthday of Mahatma Gandhi,father of indian nation, is celebrating on Google with a doodle.

This doodle as replaced G with Gandhi in Google and painted on cotton canvas with blue.I think he is only the Indian leader who is on the Google Home page.

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Where’s the home page button and also find full history link in Google Chrome toolbar

October 2nd, 2009

Do you find home page button in your Google chrome Browser toolbar, ‘no’ because by default Google hides the Home page button in chrome.

Want to see home page button in Google chrome toolbar? then here is tip…

Go to Settings -> Options -> Basics then check the option “Show Home button on the toolbar” at Homepage (shown in the screen shot below)

You will find Homepage icon before address bar in the tool bar as shown in the screen shot

I  personally hope home page option at tool bar is dosn’t much useful as internals available with “keep on this page” option .

One more option that doesn’t appear in Chrome tool bar is history button.
To see the history just click and hold the “back button” you will find recent history along with a link “show full history” to get full history page.

see also : Add Bookmark button to Google Chrome Toolbar

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Want to Flip your text

September 30th, 2009

Want to Flip your text upside down ,yes upside down I think you never got such a need. Here are some free online tools to do so.And these flipped text can be used for IM, MSN, Yahoo screen names,Put it in your profiles like MySpace, Bebo, Hi5 ,Facebook, Youtube,create strong passwords,encrypt your download links to prevent leechers,facebook wall, twitter and freak your friends.

Fliptext is an online tool which flips the given text to the upside down. I found , If you use the Fliped text as source and asked to flip then the output is not a original text.


Fliptitle is another online tool which flips the given text into upside down,in this tool reverse also works fine.

It is very simple to use just type or paste your text in the top box and hit “fliptext” button(for fliptitle not required) flipped text will be displayed at bottom text box,can copy and use it.

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Read your most favorite US Magazines Online with Google FastFlip

September 17th, 2009

Google lab s product Fastflip  caters online versions of more than a dozen of popular US Magazines with different categories as Popular, Sections,Topics,Sources.

You can search the Fastflip Magazines for topics and Email topics instantly with a single click option available at right side top.

As it is early to say weather the idea flicks or not.Some topics found on web writes” Google Fastflip  kills the print version”.

Google logo for Fastflip was not so impressive and I personally feel it’s not reflecting Google’s brand.

Get the Fastflip magazines on your mobile with  Fastflip Mobile.

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Search the Google in Real Time

September 17th, 2009

As Search engine become part of our today’s modern life.User has lot of options to extract exact information what he needed .Here is the simple option to get the real time information on Google search

With small change in the address bar you can get a Real time information on Google search.As shown in the screen shot with green color highlighted.

  • add  &tbs=qdr:n30 after search url to get past 30 minutes information.
  • add  &tbs=qdr:s30 after search url to get past 30 seconds information.
  • add  &tbs=qdr:m30 after search url to get past 30 months information.
  • add  &tbs=qdr:d30 after search url to get past 30 days information.

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Translate Google Docs

August 31st, 2009
Google recently added Language Translation feature for its product Google Docs.I found this feature works only for text type documents and didn’t work with spread sheets,pdf and other type documents.

Open the document and click on Tools menu,select Translation document and choose the required language to translate.Translated document will open in new window with two optionsReplace original document with this translation” , “Copy to new document”.

Interestingly, i uploaded a poem in english to test the feature and choosen to translate into chinese, but it showed a blank page i repeatedly checked still blank page,why i don’t know.Same page translated to other languages it worked.If any body knows please replay as comment.

I also add here screen shot for the navigation to Google Docs translation.

google docs translate

Here is the screen of the Google docs Language Translated document from English to Spanish.

[via alex chitu ]

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Digg rolling out testing ads this week

August 7th, 2009

Digg is likely rolling out its ad program with initial test ads this week.Digg introducing new way of ad program,Unlike the ads with the Google adsense.

It works as the more upvotes an ad gets the less advertisers has to pay.At this time we can’t predict how much base it can capture and how big it grow or fall.So,wait for a week.

screen shot of digg ad how it looks… [via Jason Kincaid ]

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