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Five hot Google search tricks

March 1st, 2010

see the below embedded video to know the five hot Google search tricks..

#1.Find the Timings of Popular Tourist places.
#2.Latest Results.
#3.Get Weather report in the Suggest Box itself.
#4.Public transit information.
#5.Know your flight status without clicking search button.

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Create Google short URLs with simple Chrome Extension and also share instantly

January 18th, 2010

Create Google short URLs with simple Chrome Extension and also share the short URL to twitter,facebook instantly. URL Shortener is a simple Google Chrome Extension which allows you create Google Short Urls with single click no tool bar required.

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Try GOOGLE NEW HOME PAGE with new logo and new search results page

November 27th, 2009

Google is likely to roll out its new homepage and search results page with in few days after final modifications.You can watch those screen shots here.

New page is of more blue with new Google logo of no shadow and is of more soft looking search buttons. And permanent sidebar placed at right side in the search results page. Read more…


TIPs to Customize Embeded YOUTUBE Videos

November 26th, 2009

Customize YOUTUBE Videos to embed in your web page or blog to match your requirement.Here is the tips to customize.

Some customize options directly available at YOUTUBE.Click on the video you want to embed then you will find options panel at right side of the video shown in the below figure. Read more…


Where’s the home page button and also find full history link in Google Chrome toolbar

October 2nd, 2009

Do you find home page button in your Google chrome Browser toolbar, ‘no’ because by default Google hides the Home page button in chrome.

Want to see home page button in Google chrome toolbar? then here is tip…

Go to Settings -> Options -> Basics then check the option “Show Home button on the toolbar” at Homepage (shown in the screen shot below)

You will find Homepage icon before address bar in the tool bar as shown in the screen shot

I  personally hope home page option at tool bar is dosn’t much useful as internals available with “keep on this page” option .

One more option that doesn’t appear in Chrome tool bar is history button.
To see the history just click and hold the “back button” you will find recent history along with a link “show full history” to get full history page.

see also : Add Bookmark button to Google Chrome Toolbar

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Know your web page Backlinks with Google link operator

September 10th, 2009

Backlinks are important to any Blog or website to increase traffic or search engine rankings.Knowing Backlinks of your Blog or web site gives you more info on how to improve (such as submitting your blog or web site to the free web directories ) or optimize your Blog ( or web site).

Google provides simple “link” operator to get the list of your Blog (or web site)  Backlinks (or who linked to your page)

To know your or any Blog or webpage Backlinks or to know who linked to your blog, just type your blog address completely  appending  ” link followed by colon (:)” operator in the Google search box  and hit the search button shown in the picture,no spaces are required.Results will be displayed with all the links to your blog address typed.

I feel this might be the most simplest way to find the Backlinks (or links to your blog or web page).

see also:Want to know who linked to your blog or web page

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Do you know these windows keyboard shortcuts

September 10th, 2009

Here I would like to list six most useful Windows Keyboard short cuts,Don’t consider this as normal post,Try to remember (or memorize) these six Windows short cuts before leaving this page.After sometime You will find ,your productivity has been increased a lot using these short cuts.

  • Windows key + M : To minimize all opened windows at single stroke.
  • Windows key + shift + M :To maximize all windows at once.
  • Windows key + E : To open my computer.
  • Alt + Tab : To choose applications (or windows).
  • Alt + F4 : To Closes active window.
  • Ctrl + Z : undo.
To know the complete list of Windows keyboard short cuts click here.
If i forgot any most important keyboard short cuts which help a lot ,please feel free to share via commenting form. 

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Know your password ( behind asterisks) before hitting Submit

September 4th, 2009

Ever you had a need to know your password(masked with * ) before hitting the Submit button while filling the  Login Form of Your Bank Account!

” do errors” are the most common things in human life.Sometimes we may need to pay more for that small mistakes.

For online web accounts, mostly online financial accounts we keep the passwords with mixture of alphabets, numerics,special characters..etc.Which is very common to do mistakes while typing the password in login forms.Some accounts such as bank accounts limits Wrong password entries not more than three times after that blocks the account.

To prevent such type of mistakes ( or errors) while typing passwords View password bookmarklet provides you the solution.Add the View password link or just drag the  View password link to your Browser Bookmarks.

Now, while logging to the web site after typing the username, password before hitting the submit button ,just click the “View Password” bookmarklet this will show the actual password characters typed not the asterisk signs as shown in the screen shot above.

This way you can conform hidden password characters before submitting the online user account login forms. 
Source [via Amit ]

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Add bookmark button to Google Crome tool bar -and happy birthday to Google Chrome

September 3rd, 2009

Add Bookmark button to Google Crome toolbar.

Adding a bookmarks menu button is only a command line switch away!

Just right click your Chrome shortcut and choose properties. In the target box, add a space and “–bookmark-menu”  without colon after chrome.exe. the result should look like this:
C:\Users\LeeM\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe  –bookmark-menu

Screen shot added here can be explained you in better way to add this Bookmark command line switch.

Add the command ” –bookmark-menu”(with space) without colon after …chrome.exe” as highlighted with green color in the screen shot to the Target text box in the Google Chrome Properties( To open Google Chrome Properties window ,Right click on Google Chrome Shortcut and select properties)

Hack works for versions 2, 3, and 4 of Google Chrome,which may save extra 28 vertical pixels on you real estate. [via Lee Mathews ]

It’s time to say Happy Birthday to Google Chrome Browser which has influenced the web world for the past one year.

 watch this Google Chrome Cake making video.

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Shutdown your pc or laptop Using your cell phone

March 10th, 2009

watch this video for the hack to shutdown your pc using mobile.

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