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Dancing android robot

November 10th, 2011

Android robot is dancing.

here is the gif image of dancing Android robot.

another popular video of dancing Android robot on youtube.

funny logos of android robot:

#1.Android robot eating apple

#2.Android robot peeing on Apple

#3.Android robot eating Facebook logo

image courtesy: Google images

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Invite your twitter followers for an event with VeVite

December 30th, 2009

Inviting your Twitter followers to a party or event and getting conformed (rsvp) weather attending or not is simple with VeVite.

VeVite is a start-up project with a simple user interface and deep integration with Twitter.Idea is simple,works great still it is infant stage yet to prove worthy. Read more…


How to Update your Facebook WALL with your Twitter TWEETs automatically

December 25th, 2009

Its intresting and nice feature to update FACEBOOK status with TWITTER TWEETs automatically.

This is simple to configure and works is given the steps to configure and also added presentation with screen shots. Read more…



August 27th, 2009

Facebook 3.0 application is finally live on the App Store. Download the application here directly,The store currently shows that the app is version 2.5, but if you click the Download button anyway you’ll get the new version.

features of Facebook 3.0 for IPHONE at a glance:

  • The large buttons are easy to hit, and best of all, you can add people’s profiles and pages as icons as well, to provide shortcuts to your favorites
  • News Feed feature had been enhanced.
  • People who consider Facebook to be their contact list can easily done by hitting the phone icon and have the option to call or text your contacts.
  • next big feature is Events,which was great feature added to the can access the details like the address of the event and host of it and you can see who else is attending
  • One more new feature is “Notes”. You can see, edit and create new notes from here.

Screen shot of the FACEBOOK 3.0 FOR IPHONE shown below

Still missing :

  • Push Notifications
  • a robust search ( iPhone searching is limited to profiles and pages )

Watch the complete video of the FACEBOOK 3.0 FOR IPHONE on YOUTUBE.

please share your views on FACEBOOK 3.0 FOR IPHONE application by commenting on this post [via Jason Kincaid ]

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