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Know your web page Backlinks with Google link operator

September 10th, 2009

Backlinks are important to any Blog or website to increase traffic or search engine rankings.Knowing Backlinks of your Blog or web site gives you more info on how to improve (such as submitting your blog or web site to the free web directories ) or optimize your Blog ( or web site).

Google provides simple “link” operator to get the list of your Blog (or web site)  Backlinks (or who linked to your page)

To know your or any Blog or webpage Backlinks or to know who linked to your blog, just type your blog address completely  appending  ” link followed by colon (:)” operator in the Google search box  and hit the search button shown in the picture,no spaces are required.Results will be displayed with all the links to your blog address typed.

I feel this might be the most simplest way to find the Backlinks (or links to your blog or web page).

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Switch over to new updated blogger editor for new posts.

September 10th, 2009

Are you Switched to the new blogger editor with more added features. If No? Then know the new added features and update your blog editor,here is the info how to update your blog editor.

First we see the new features added in this updated new post blog editor.

  1. Improved image handling:Before posting an image, preview appears and upload it to the exact position where you want instead of top positioning.Also you can drag or position around the post (left,right,center) easily.
  2. Enhanced HTML editing
  3. Adding location with geotagging.
  4. Editor can be resized vertically with the resize handler placed at right bottom.
  5. Links can be edited easily in compose mode.
  6. new tool bar with more editing tools.

Enabling updated editor: 
Go to SETTINGS ,then BASIC Tab scroll down to the page you will find a Select post editor options below the Global Settings,then choose update editor shown in the screen shot.Click Save settings to the changes you have made to the settings.

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my page rank is 3/10

February 13th, 2009

hi friends..
happy to announce that my page rank is 3/10.Thanks for all who helped me to have it.

you can also check your page rank from many page rank i am presenting the screen shot of prchecker

you can embed page rank checker code in your page to check your viewers also.for the prchecker code visit “”

To have good google page rank there is lot of content or tips available on the web as SEO (search engine optimization) but i never heardly followed those things .

i just concentrated on the content what i am posting and left,just beleave on the content.

but commenting on the others posts will certainly increases your links and some where i read ” having links in the higher ranking pages will increase the rank.”

make a habbit of posting your comments on the content you liked.

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Snap Bomb

November 23rd, 2008

Hi friends..
Here i am introducing Blog Marketing service provider called SnapBomb.

Every blogger knows “What is Blog Marketing?” even through i will brief here, Blog Marketing is the term used for Marketing something via Blogs. Here Snap Bomb provides opportunities to the bloggers to market the products of their advertisers.

I found snapbomb is simple in nature when compared to other Blog Marketing providers. No funny conditions, Snapbomb coordinates Bloggers and Advertisers in very simple and transparent way with out any confusion and puzzles.

The Snapbomb site navigation,Blog registation process and selection of opportunities are very nice and simple.

After registration of your blog SnapBomb gives rating to you blog useing their own statistics.

SnapBomb gives you opportunities according to the rating of your blog ,

you can check its home page for more features.

Bloggers can earn more by taking opportunities from Snap Bomb advertisers as blog rating increases.

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