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Tip to Create Label Cloud in Blogger

September 15th, 2009
After a big waiting Google added Label cloud feature.Most Bloggers, who had to display more labels, likes to Display the Labels in Cloud Type instead of List Type. Bloggers use third party plug-ins to get this feature as the option not available with Blogger before.
To enable or to use this Cloud feature ,Goto Blogger Dashboard and choose your blog from the list, then goto Layout  - > page elements view ,click the “add a gadget” link in the sidebar (if you wish to add the tag cloud in the side bar) ,list of Gadgets will be displayed choose Labels then configure labels window opens as shown in the picture , select the Cloud option shown with red arrow.

To change Existing List type Labels to Cloud:
Goto Blogger Dashboard and choose your blog from the list, then goto Layout  -> page elements view ,click the Edit link on the existing Label Gadget to open the configure labels window and select the Cloud option as shown in the picture with red arrow.

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Major changes to my Blog

September 15th, 2009
For last 48 hours I made major changes to my blog ,I purchased a new domain TechZblog.IN from India links and I kept my blog with  new custom domain ” ” .
Changed the Blog Title from “spend your kooool time with me ” to “Technology Blog” to focus more on the new technologies and to reach perfect audience.

My Old Title:
My New Title:
  • Blog Title is designed with simple free 3d Heading maker ( Text animation ) online tool ” Xera “ 
And one more change in my blog is Label (Tag ) section , previously I called it as “Kool stuff ” with simple list type display now  list type display changed to the Cloud type calling as Tag cloud placed in side bar.
 please feel free to share your suggestions to improve my blog more via comment form .

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Add "read more" button to your blog post

September 11th, 2009
Google finally added much awaited feature “read more” button to the Blogger posts calling as jump break.
Simple editor button jump break is placed in the new blog post editor tool bar as shown in the below picture inside the red coloured circle.

To add read more link ,Simply click the jump break button placing the cursor from where the content is to be kept hide in the new blogger editor ( or updated editor )  in compose mode.
Those working with the Edit HTML mode can be placed read more more easily,just add the code  
at from where you need to hide the content shown in the picture highlighted with green color.
  via Life Hacker

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Switch over to new updated blogger editor for new posts.

September 10th, 2009

Are you Switched to the new blogger editor with more added features. If No? Then know the new added features and update your blog editor,here is the info how to update your blog editor.

First we see the new features added in this updated new post blog editor.

  1. Improved image handling:Before posting an image, preview appears and upload it to the exact position where you want instead of top positioning.Also you can drag or position around the post (left,right,center) easily.
  2. Enhanced HTML editing
  3. Adding location with geotagging.
  4. Editor can be resized vertically with the resize handler placed at right bottom.
  5. Links can be edited easily in compose mode.
  6. new tool bar with more editing tools.

Enabling updated editor: 
Go to SETTINGS ,then BASIC Tab scroll down to the page you will find a Select post editor options below the Global Settings,then choose update editor shown in the screen shot.Click Save settings to the changes you have made to the settings.

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Like to Know The Gender Of the Blog Author

August 12th, 2009
Want to know the gender of your blog author..?

then open the link Type the blog address and hit the analyze button.I think you got the correct answer.This is just fun tool and uses artificaial intelligence but works with more than 75% accuracy.This tool was built on can find other tools which built on uclassify at “”[via snaphow]

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ScribeFire 3.2 new features added

February 12th, 2009
Bloggers most loved blog editor ScribeFire added new features.
Here is the screen shot of the added features.

You can search images on search directories like Flicker,Zemanta directly from the editor and you can post it.

YouTube videos can be directly added from the editor.

for more stuff have your heads on “”.

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