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update your blog from your mobile

April 19th, 2009

Update your blogger blog from your mobile,new feature added to blogger.I found this is good feature for those who juggle always and no time to sit and do blogging.

capture a picture from your mobile and share the picture with your friends or publish via your blog on go,for this you need is a GPRS/EDGE featured mobile for connectivity and MMS or EMAIL.

now with this added feature blogging is made more simple and more real time.

here is the procedure for updating your blog from your mobile.

login to your blogger account,then
open your blogger dashboard and search for the mobile symbol at the left of your blog title as shown in the figure below

popup window opens as shown in the below figure,this window contains the information of the verification code,sent this verification code from your mobile as directed.if your mobile phone doesn’t support MMS you can use sms or email options register your mobile by sms click the sms link given in the window and send the verification code to 256447.

to register via e-mail click the link ‘post by email’, popup window opens as shown in the figure. IN the option box given type the secrete word to register the email address.

this ends the registration process via sms,mms and email.
you can choose your own mediam and enjoy your bloging on go.

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nasty usb drives i found on the web

April 18th, 2009

Here are the some of the pictures of nasty designer usb drives i found on the web.some of my friends commented these designs are crazy and they liked it very much but i felt irritating of it.any way i like to share with my blog friends so,this post was created.

human finger as usb drive,which was very realistic and natural

skull drive

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Watch,Search and Monitor the Twitter on Yahoo SLIDELINE

April 8th, 2009

Yahoo lanched SLIDELINE as desktop application to watch,search and monitor the twitter in real time,Slideline is an Adobe AIR application.

Adobe AIR is a runtime on cross operating systems which enables the web developers to develop ,build and deploy web applications on desktop.

to download and install the yahoo slideline your OS requires Adobe AIR to be installed.while installing Yahoo slideline automatically detects the Abode AIR,if not found prompts for automatic installation.Yahoo slideline installation is simple and uses less memory.

You can watch and monitor the latest twits on the twitter,as twitter is a fast growing social networking with 140 character world ,one can detect any news and info in a fast and realtime mode.

shortly i will be back with more info on this yahoo product….if any reviews please comment on the post.

screen shots for the yahoo slideline.

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Next generation laptop design

April 8th, 2009

friends ,Do you think this might be the next generation laptop model ,the laptop which has shown in the figure can be rolled into as a single small drum like an artists tool box,this laptop has got every thing right from mouse to the webcam,this laptop was named as D-roll laptop and designed by hao hua .
you can check more details(design) about the d-roll laptop design at his portal.more pictures


via dvice .

see also : duel screen laptop

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Animals with world map

April 1st, 2009

Animals with world can watch twelve animals with world maps at Here is the screen shoot for the two animals .its really amazing and lots of back work done for creation of the twelve animals.

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