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September 27th, 2008

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September 27th, 2008

T-Mobile showed off its new G1 mobile phone at a press event in New York Tuesday, thus becoming the first carrier to offer a device run on Google’s Android open source mobile platform.
The device, which was developed by device manufacturer HTC, has many of the features commonly seen on many of smartphones on the market, including a touchscreen with drop-and-drag capabilities, a pull-out QWERTY keyboard, and a host of Web-based applications for maps, music and instant messaging….Read More



Google Maps For Mobile Devices Incorporates Street View

September 19th, 2008

Google announced the launch of a new version of Google Maps for mobile devices, which incorporates Google’s Street View.
“Wondering if the restaurant in your search results is the one you’re thinking of? Just click ‘Street View’ after your search to see the storefront. Unsure about a complicated intersection in your directions? Use Street View to see a photo, so there’s no mistaking your turn,” says Michael Siliski, Product Manager on the official Google Mobile blog.
“You can also launch Street View from any address where we have photography, or simply by clicking on the map and selecting ‘Street View’. You can browse Street View overlaid on the map or in full screen, rotate your view to see more of your surroundings, and move along the street,” says Siliski.
The new version of Google Maps for mobile devices also incorporates walking directions, and also allows users to access reviews of local business from their phones. Google also says this update provides “significant improvements in search speed with this version, as well as better location accuracy.”
Currently the new version of Google Maps is available for the BlackBerry and a few other Java-enabled phones. While an older version of Google Maps comes pre-installed on the iPhone, apparently the new version of Google Maps is not yet available for the iPhone.

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Organisations failing to migrate to IPv6

September 14th, 2008

Migration to the new Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) standard is virtually non-existent, according to a year-long study released this week by network security firm Arbor Networks.

Experts and governments have been encouraging organisations to migrate to the new protocol because the current 20 year-old IPv4 is fast running out of available addresses.

IPv4 addresses could in fact run out as early as 2010, according to Scott Iekel-Johnson, principle software engineer at Arbor Networks.

The firm used data from over 80 of its ISP partners and customers to determine the amount of IPv6 traffic on the internet.

Arbor Networks found that the proportions of IPv6 and IPv4 traffic have stayed roughly the same over the past year.

The report also found that IPv6 traffic is still a tiny percentage of overall internet traffic. There were 6Mbps of IPv6 traffic by the end of July compared to 4Tbps of IPv4 traffic.


Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee

September 13th, 2008

It has been scientifically proved that coffee can fight fatigue that is why millions of people across the world drink coffee to fight tiredness. Coffee can actually helps to improve mental performance, elevates and improves mood and also boosts physical energy. So how this coffee actually works? According to researches from the MIT, the compound ‘caffeine’ present in the coffee is considered to be a mind acceleration mood booster which increases the mental performance. The compound caffeine stimulates the attention span, reaction time, concentration and acuity with numbers. Even a small amount of caffeine, about 32 mg in a five ounce cup of coffee can give you a large amount of energy and mental boost. Caffeine can actually move to your brain within 25 to 30 minutes and lasts unto six hours. So here is an interesting and useful tip: Drink coffee before your meals for more energy boost up and fights fatigue much better.

Drinking coffee can also cut men’s gallstone risk, just four cups of coffee per day reduces the risk of developing gallstones by 45 percent. Based on a study of 46,000 men between the age group 40 to 70, who consumed coffee regularly had no risk of gallstone disease compared to those men who did not consume coffee on regular basis. Men who consume about two to three cups of regular coffee per day had a 40 percent lesser risk of developing gallstone disease than non-Java drinkers and those who take four or more cups per day had a 45 percent lower risk. Regular intake of coffee may also protect you against liver cirrhosis, according to a research in Italy, United States and Japan; consuming coffee at least 3 to 4 cups per day will help to reduce the risk of cirrhosis of liver by 80 percent when compared to those people who don’t consume coffee at all.

Coffee is also very much effective in reducing the risk of cancers in digestive track. Coffee is known to give a protective effect against cancer of colon. In a recent meta-analysis, on coffee intake; the colorectal cancer is 24 percent lower when compared to those who drink rarely or no coffee at all. The most possible explanations for lower risk of colorectal cancer among heavy coffee consumers is that, coffee enhances colonic activity induced by the compound present in the coffee and that anti-mutagenic components present in it also help a lot. Caffeine also inhibits the cancer causing effect of various microorganisms.

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Is it the reason for TSUNAMI ???

September 5th, 2008

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i received this picture from my yahoo groups with the title as above.
here categorizing it in my “kool health” for tapping your fitness…

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September 2nd, 2008

Open Source Browsers – Google Chrome (GALLERY)

Google announced their new open source browser, Google Chrome, which launches in beta tomorrow.

“We believe we can add value for users and, at the same time, help drive innovation on the web,” Google says of Chrome.

Of course the browser will use a Google search box, but because it is open source, companies and independent developers can devise new tweaks.

“On the surface, we designed a browser window that is streamlined and simple,” Google says. “Like the classic Google homepage, Google Chrome is clean and fast. It gets out of your way and gets you where you want to go.”

Chrome will show you thumb nails on a start page and your nine most visited pages and will recommend pages. Probably some ads will appear there too, don’t you think?

Previously Google financed Firefox, a move which helped them get almost 20% of the browser market share.

Google created the above comic book to raise hyper for Google Chrome, and tomorrow they will release the beta version in over 100 countries.
We owe a great debt to many open source projects, and we’re committed to continuing on their path. We’ve used components from Apple’s WebKit and Mozilla’s Firefox, among others — and in that spirit, we are making all of our code open source as well. We hope to collaborate with the entire community to help drive the web forward. (googleblog.blogspot) [More]



Windows Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2

September 1st, 2008

hi friends…

After a few days of FIREFOX 3 Release,MS released Windows Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2.

check the latest features of it and have a new flavour in browsing.

here is the download link…