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Google Plus TOP 100

November 9th, 2011

Hottest Social networking site Google plus (Google+ or G+) TOP 100 in terms followers are pictured (cloud) below.
First place occupied by Larry page (Google co-founder),followed by world famous pop star Britney Spears as second and Mark Zuckerberg founder of rival social networking site “Facebook” as third place.
You can view the complete live Google plus Top followers list  here.

You can also watch most popular posts in Google plus at

Procedure to add / submit  your Google plus post to

#1.Click on the link  to Bookmarklet the “socialstatistics” button.

#2. “+1″  button will be added at your browser bookmarks. go to your google+ post and press the link in your tool bar.


Below info-graphic from says Google plus users are 31,112,962 Million. Male Google plus users are 21,028,772 Million, Female Google plus users are 9,220,575 Million. Top Google plus users are from US, India,UK,Brazil in descending order.


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