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December 17th, 2011

BSNL Broadband System Requirments and Physical Installation Procedure

BSNL Broadband is an Internet access service from state-owned Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) available in India since 14 January 2005. Until 30 September 2007 it was known as Data One.

System Requirments and connectivity for BSNL Broadband:

  1. The basic PC (personal computer) Configuration for BSNL Broadband: Processor 200 MHz(or Better), OS-win 98 SE(or Higher), RAM-32 MB, Free Disk Space-150 MB, SVGA Monitor, CD-ROM Drive
  2. Web browser type : Microsoft Internet Explorer®5.0 or Netscape Navigator®4.7  or above and Google Chrome,Fire fox.
  3. Web browser settings required for BSNL Broadband  : Enable JavaScript
  4. Ethernet port : NIC adapter Enable TCP/IP.

Physical Installation Procedure of BSNL Broadband connection:

Equipment inside your CPE (Customer Premiss Equipment) box

  1. Splitter
  2. Power Adaptor
  3. CPE-ADSL modem
  4. One Ethernet cable (RJ-45 connector) and Two normal phone cord(RJ-11 connector)


(1)    Phone Socket  (2) Phone  (3) Phone  (4) RJ-11 Tel Cable  (5) Splitter  (6) RJ-11 Tel Cable  (7) RJ-11 Tel Cable  (8) Phone Jack  (9) MT800


  1. Connect Phone line to ADSL Splitter in the line side
  2. Connect your phone to splitter at phone-interface with the phone cord supplied along with CPE box.
  3. Connect CPE-ADSL modem to splitter at Data/modem interface with RJ-11 cord supplied.
  4. Connect PC with CPE-ADSL modem with Ethernet cable
  5. Power-up modem through Power adaptor connectivity to power point.
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